Thursday, January 22, 2009

No update.

i dont know what to blog, because i lost the connecting wires to my camera and handphone.


Oh by the way, i bought 2 British India's shirts that was earlier priced at RM400 something and RM500 something each, then it was discounted to 200 something and then it is discounted with another 70 percent of the discounted price.

that is a lot of discount i tell you.

Yes, to show that the price of the shirt is very expensive they did not take out the previous price tag, instead they stick new one on top, and another one on top of it. So with some cautious handwork, we can work our way to the first layer stickers, and quickly snatched it from the rack thinking you are getting a good bargain, but instead you are actually buying a 3 year old consignment shirt and the tailor person tailoring the shirt in vietnam, or china or, india might have passed away few years ago.

But you don't really care about it since you think its cheap affordable.

But the quality of the shirt is good and the material is so nice when it touches to body, you feel so comfortable and sexy and because its British India and its supposed to be very expensive, you kinda have this feeling that you suddenly turn very handsome and dashing wearing it, like a frog changing to a prince kinda feeling, but actually you don't, instead you still look like a toad. Branded clothes have aura of its own, and it makes the wearer feel more confident.

So basically i bought a RM900 over pricccccedzzzeedd shirt for only a fraction of the price.

I dont really like it though. I like the other one, but they dont give discount to those shirt that look nice. They are not stupid, that is why they can afford to stick an outrageous price tag and still managed to sell lousy cotton shirt.

But, i still bought it, because why..

Because its British India!!!


So, what are you waiting for? Sales in British India, hurry up be a kiasu and go and buy unwanted things.

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Sankai said...

i dont know what to say really, ermm.. i'm not entire against branded things, nor am i very fond of it. I have a few branded collectables of my own, and i do have to agree that these branded things do have a set of aura of their own... but still..

hmm... if you buy it because it looks nice (stylish) and comfortable, then i guess its regardless of the brand and the price (well, as long as its comfortable). eh?

but in your case.. ermmmm... i'm, getting a bit confused.. eheh