Saturday, January 24, 2009

Do we actually need another airport?

Do we need another airport, when there are only two passenger aircraft provider?

We don’t know, but what we do know is, the government should not get involve when a duopolistic economy or when oligopolistic enterprise is having a strategy war. They will only disturb the equilibrium, thus affecting the economy due to enormous dead weight lost to the economy and society making the economy less productive, thus effecting social profit (environment, pollution, stabilize future price bla bla bla whatever whatever) and the profit of both companies as well.

The best thing is just to let those two industry play with their game, until both or one of the companies no longer have strategy to take that will benefit their organization.

Since the government have spent so much on the infrastructure using tax of the people, its best that they let them form a cartel and stop from competing with each others because they are only worsening the situation and take the two ceo’s head and knock both head to wall, and say…

Stop fucking competing with each other and start sharing will ya!!!

Let them prosper and actually makes profit for the betterment of the people in the long run.

We cannot develop correctly if the government keep on interfering wrongly at the right time.

Mr. Advisor, please read your economics textbook, will ya.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

i want to say something

wanna say something before i forgot.

First, is about the development done by the new government in my state. There isn’t any, or I can’t see any big radical changes they promised before the election. All the projects and programs they are doing right now are the programs initiated by the previous government.

I think they should be more creative and coming out with breakthrough and revolutionary changes and think of development rather than staying safe with incremental and muddling through the old establishment's program. After all that is the reason why people choose them in the first place.

They want change!

Its been a while since the election, and nothing big ever happen really. Most people would say, its not fair because they are new and must give them ample time to adjust and comes out with strong state economic policy. However one should remember, they are walking into the office on a red carpet, and every infrastructures and facilities are being shoved in their face, unlike those previous one who need to develop theirs from scratches.

Not saying the old one is better, but the new one seems rather… well, the same.

But one thing I see is all the states assembly men are getting a bloody expensive plush exciting Toyota Camry.

For what ever fucking hell they do that?

And why do you need a toyota camry?

Are they getting more creative, vigor and productive driving a camry?

You tell me.

Secondly, I would want to say something about Obama, and we are all very happy looking at him, and thought what a wonderful man he is, and how he could be the new savior of world civilization and repair all the nonsense made by Bush.

One thing I would like to remind everyone, being the first black president, obama would have to be a very populist type of leaders and he would be restricted with lots of tensions and pressure from his lobbyist, political watch dog and also from his shadow cabinet i.e the republican.

And being a Christian and being born by a muslim parents and brought up in a muslim country, Obama cannot be showing too much sympathy to the muslim because he would be seen as supporting the muslim community, read : terrorist (in the eyes of the mat salleh), and being a non muslim himself, he should not be to sympathize with muslim at all, and that add the square roots to all the necessary evil (read: war and economics restriction, not the religion. all religion teaches about good deed)

It is just a simple mathematics and logic.

He might not agree with war, unlike his predecessor, but to keep the police state and world hero status of America and the Americans, he somehow need to exert some level of force to the muslim, read: terrorist country.

Justto reminds everyone, remember this picture.

Always remember this picture.

He is not what you think he is!!!

No update.

i dont know what to blog, because i lost the connecting wires to my camera and handphone.


Oh by the way, i bought 2 British India's shirts that was earlier priced at RM400 something and RM500 something each, then it was discounted to 200 something and then it is discounted with another 70 percent of the discounted price.

that is a lot of discount i tell you.

Yes, to show that the price of the shirt is very expensive they did not take out the previous price tag, instead they stick new one on top, and another one on top of it. So with some cautious handwork, we can work our way to the first layer stickers, and quickly snatched it from the rack thinking you are getting a good bargain, but instead you are actually buying a 3 year old consignment shirt and the tailor person tailoring the shirt in vietnam, or china or, india might have passed away few years ago.

But you don't really care about it since you think its cheap affordable.

But the quality of the shirt is good and the material is so nice when it touches to body, you feel so comfortable and sexy and because its British India and its supposed to be very expensive, you kinda have this feeling that you suddenly turn very handsome and dashing wearing it, like a frog changing to a prince kinda feeling, but actually you don't, instead you still look like a toad. Branded clothes have aura of its own, and it makes the wearer feel more confident.

So basically i bought a RM900 over pricccccedzzzeedd shirt for only a fraction of the price.

I dont really like it though. I like the other one, but they dont give discount to those shirt that look nice. They are not stupid, that is why they can afford to stick an outrageous price tag and still managed to sell lousy cotton shirt.

But, i still bought it, because why..

Because its British India!!!


So, what are you waiting for? Sales in British India, hurry up be a kiasu and go and buy unwanted things.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Anugerah Juara Lagu

Sebanyak 14 buah lagu akan dipertandingan kan di dalam AJL2008, dalam 3 kategori. Beberapa kontroversi berlaku dengan kemasukkan Dingin oleh Ziana Zain walaupun tewas di peringkat awal, dan ketiadaan Mawi untuk lagu Doa dalam Lagu. Mawi akan digantikan oleh Zahid.

Lagu-lagu yang akan dipertandingan malam ini adalah

1. Bukan Disini – Sofaz
2. Lagu Kita – Aizat
3. Dusta Berkalang – Aiman
4. Cuba – Faizal Tahir
5. Yang Pernah – Estranged
6. Bila Nak Saksi – Spider
7. Doa Dalam Lagu – Zahid & Heliza
8. Sampai Syurga – Faizal Tahir
9. Hanya Di Mercu – Ayu
10. Aku Stacy – Stacy
11. Dingin – Ziana Zain
12. Kalis Rindu – Elyana
13. Persoalan Cinta – Farawahida
14. Lagu Untukmu – Meet Uncle Hussain

Saya meramalkan lagu-lagu berikut akan memenangi kategori masing-masing. Pemilihan adalah berdasarkan pada kekuatan lagu-lagu tersebut dan populariti lagu-lagu tersebut. Ramalan kali ini melihat pada kekuatan lagu tersebut dari kelainan, tahap malarsegar (evergreen) dan nuance yang segar (freshness) lagu-lagu tersebut.

Etnik Kreatif : Sure winner adalah Doa dalam Lagu oleh Zahid dan Heliza. Dua lagu lain di dalam kategori yang sama adalah tidak kuat langsung

Pop rock : Ini adalah kategori paling sukar kerana kesemua lagu-lagu yang bertanding di dalam kategori ini mempunyai kekuatan masing-masing. Dua lagu paling dirasakan mampu menjuarai kategori ini adalah Kalis Rindu oleh Elyana dan Lagu Untuk mu oleh Meet Uncle Hussien. Kedua-dua lagu ini adalah terlalu berbeza dari lagu-lagu dalam kategori yang sama.

Tetapi blog ini meramalkan juara kategori ini adalah Lagu Untuk Mu oleh Meet Uncle Hussien, jika anak-anak buah pak hussein (ada ke?) ini mampu melakukan sesuatu di luar jangkaan (menyanyi sampai anak tekak dan mata tercabut.

Lagu Favorite yang menjadi siulan dan dinanti-nantikan oleh semua penyanyi Karaoke di seluruh Malaysia, tetapi belum ada lagi di pusat karaoke adalah lagu Cuba oleh Faizal Tahir. Lagu ini mempunyai melodi yang sedap, dan mudah diterima dan lirik yang mudah tetapi bermakna.

Blog ini meramalkan lagu ini akan mengungguli kategori Balada.

Overall winner,
Terdapat 2 ramalam pemenang, iaitu
1. Coba oleh Faizal Tahir, jika Kalis Rindu, tidak memenangi kategori Pop Rock
2. Meet Uncle Hussien jika ia berjaya memenangi kategori Pop Rock.
3. Persembahan Terbaik : Meet Uncle Hussien.
Sekian terima kasih.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Save the Palestinians.

click the poster NOW!!!!


Bangsar Sun 18th 10am-4pm

Please forward to all who want to do something to try and help stop this Shoah of the


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Tagged by sankai for cute's 3Logger Award

1. Copy badge "2008 Cute's 3logger Award" di atas untuk diletakkan di blog anda.

2. Link/ceritakan kembali siapa yang memberikan award ini kepada anda.

3. Setiap blogger mesti menyatakan 10 fakta/hobi diri sendiri sebelum memilih penerima award seterusnye (anda di-tag).

4. Anda perlu memilih 5 penerima award seterusnye dan menyatakan nama mereka di blog anda.

5. Jangan lupe melawat blog kawan anda dan meninggalkan komen yang menyatakan mereka telah ditag.


1. Done

2. Award yang tidak seberapa ini telah diberikan oleh Sangkai (name can be very deceiving, actual person very handsome!) someone baru kenal through someone. He is a nice person and sensitive (yes he almost cried while blowing candles on his cake) who loves to write elaborated and very heavy issues, very opinionated blog concerning life, love and lack of love, and about his cats (11 of them) but at the same time like to drive car very fast in broad daylight because he cannot see well at night(very-very contradictory kan). eh aku kena ceritakan pasal orang tu ke sebenarnya ni.

3. 10 fakta mengenai saya.

i. Saya sangat pemalas. Bila saya makan saya tidak akan terus membasuh pinggan, saya tunggu dah penuh sinki baru basuh. Alasannya dengan cara ini akan lebih menjimatkan air dan sabun dan tenaga. Jika saya membasuh baju, saya akan mencampurkan semua sekali, dan tak tengok pun apa dalam poket baju dan seluar tersebut dan menyebabkan mesin basuh selalu rosak kerana membasuh duit syiling.
Pernah sekali saya terpaksa membuang beberapa helai baju dan menghantar baju dan seluar ke dobi semula sebab saya telah membasuhnya dengan tissue-tissue sekali. Bagi saya , utk semua perkara ada cara yang mudah untuk dilakukan, dan kita kena mempermudahkan segala-galanya. Walaupun selalunya gagal

ii. Saya sangat suka makan dan masak. Saya mampu menonton AFC selamat 10 jam berturut-turut dan boleh menghafal setiap bahan yang digunakan, walaupun begitu saya tidak pernah memasak atau mengaplikasikan apa yang dipelajari di AFC kerana saya suka memasak mengunakan teknik hentam kromo dan campak-campak sahaja. Namun begitu Saya tidak mengemari makanan sendiri.
Saya suka makanan yang mengunakan cili yang banyak tetapi tidak pedas. Bagi saya tukang masak yang hebat adalah mereka yang mampu mengunakan banyak cili, tetapi masakan mereka tidak pedas.
Maklumlah oghang nogoghi lah kato eh.

iii. Saya suka membaca. Apa sahaja saya baca. Saya membaca di mana sahaja, dan saya tidak boleh membuang air besar dengan tenteram jika saya tidak membaca. Tetapi buat masa ini saya terlalu suka membaca, menulis dan mengomen blog. Saya akan mengrefresh blog yang saya suka berkali-kali walaupun saya tahu, penulis itu baru sahaja mengepos blognya 10 minit sebelumnya, dengan harapan dia mengepos entri terbaru.
Kadang-kadang saya akan tersenyum sendiri dan berangan bila membaca blog-blog itu. Saya terlalu suka membaca rasa dan citarasa seseorang. Kadang-kadang saya rasa ada penulis blog yang tidak patut menulis blog sebab dia bodoh dan tulisannya membuat saya rasa bodoh membacanya, tetapi saya tetap membacanya juga, kerana saya terlalu suka membaca blog.

iv. saya adalah seorang yang sangat-sangat pemalu bila berjumpa orang baru. Selalunya saya akan mendiamkan diri dan melihat tingkah laku orang itu dahulu. Kalau saya suka dengan orang itu saya akan berminat utk mengenalinya lebih lanjut, jika saya tidak suka saya tidak akan membuang masa dengan nya lagi. Pada ketika itu saya akan membuat andaian apakah jenis masa depan yang sesuai dan jenis pembawaan atau bagaimana orang yang saya tidak suka itu dibela oleh keluarganya (selalunya saya beranggapan negetif).
Ironiknya pula, tugas saya memerlukan untuk saya bercakap kadang-kadang di hadapan 200 orang, (pernah mencapai 500 penonton). Saya bayangkan semua pendengar itu adalah tidak pandai dan saya perlu bercakap supaya mereka jadi pandai, walaupun selalunya saya melihat muka mereka seperti tidak faham dan tidak puas hati. Oleh itu saya hanya melihat telinga dan hidung mereka sahaja, seolah-olah saya sedang memerhatikan mereka. Tetapi sebenarnya tidak.

v. Saya suka bercakap. Walapun saya seorang yang pemalu, tetapi saya suka bercakap non stop secara tidak sengaja. Kadang-kala saya terus bercakap ketika saya sedang tidur dan kadang kala saya bercakap dengan diri sendiri ketika membuang air besar. Jadi untuk mengelakkan saya digelar gila, saya menyanyi ketika berada di dalam bilik air.

vi. Saya bercakap tidak henti-henti dengan diri saya dan dengan orang yang saya rasa selesa kerana saya terlalu suka berfikir. Saya berfikir sentiasa, ada je menda saya dok fikirkan. Dan selalunnya saya menjadi frust kerana apa yang saya fikirkan selalunya tidak dapat saya jadikan kenyataan, dan hasilnya saya memikirkan alternatifnya pula dan masih menjadi frust, dan seterusnya.

vii. Saya benci dengan orang bodoh sombong. Ada 5 jenis manusia di dalam dunia

a. Yang pandai dan tau dia pandai
b. Yang pandai dan tak tau dia pandai
c. Yang bodoh dan tak tau dia bodoh
d. Yang bodoh dan tau dia bodoh
e. Yang bodoh yang rasa dia tak bodoh

Kategori yang ke lima yang juga dikenal sebagai bodoh sombong itu menyebabkan saya terlalu membenci mereka. Saya rasa mereka tidak patut bercampur dengan komuniti manusia dan sepatutnya diciptakan zoo khas untuk mengurung orang-orang sebegini. Tetapi disebabkan jumlah orang sebegini adalah terlalu ramai dan tidak cukup zoo untuk menyimpan mereka, jadi saya terpaksa terima kenyataan bahawa saya perlu tinggal dengan mereka selagi saya ada ruang dan peluang untuk terus membenci dan memperbodoh-bodohkan mereka.


Saya juga tidak boleh menerima orang yang rasa dia tau segala-galanya, and expect in everything dan merasakan diri mereka sehebat enstein dan jika, enstein tidak mencipta relativity theory, dia sebenarnya yang akan menjumpai theory tersebut. Cerita politik dia tau, cerita kimia dia tau, cerita kartun dia tau, cerita hantu dia tau, cerita biologi, cerita ekonomi, cerita pengurusan semua dia tau lah, walaupun sebenarnya mereka tidak tau (read : bodoh sombong). Kerana tuhan tidak pernah mencipta makhluk yang tahu segala-galanya. Malangnya sepanjang saya hidup, saya jumpa dengan orang seperti ini.

Saya selalu cakap, " its oke to be normal"

viii. Tetapi saya selalu tertarik dan terpikat dengan orang yang bijak. Saya rasa orang yang bijak pandai itu adalah seksi, romantic dan mengiurkan. Doctor, lawyer, statesmen, akauntan, pakar matematik, ceo multi national dan sebagainya adalah manusia yang seksi dan comel dan menarik. Walaupun orang itu nampak selekeh, bercermin mata tebal, rambut tidak sikat, memakai seluar di atas pusat dan sebagainya dia tetap nampak seksi. Lebih seksi adalah orang yang kaya. Ini kerana orang kaya tidak boleh bodoh, kalau dia bodoh dia tak kaya.

As oppose kepada orang yang tidak pandai dan berlagak pandai, secantik mana orang itu pun, saya nampak dia macam badut sarkas yang sebenarnya bodoh.

Tapi paling saya suka sekali adalah orang yang dilahirkan dengan talent secara semulajadi, atau orang-orang berseni. Ahli musik, pelukis, penulis, penyanyi, arkitek, pembuat bomb atom, dan sebagainya adalah paling seksi. Tapi mereka perlu dalam kategori orang seni yang hebat, dan bukan tangkap muat.

ix. Saya sangat suka dengan seni. Saya teringin menjadi seorang manusia yang cultured gitu. Saya suka kan music, dan cuba untuk mendengar dan appreciate apa saja bentuk musik, dan meyakini diri saya sendiri bahawa seni itu datang dalam banyak bentuk (walaupun saya rasa pening kepala bila mendengar music heavy-heavy metal yang ada sebut satan! Di dalamnya, muntah ketika mendengar music hiphop, dan muntah darah bila mendengar house music).
Saya suka menonton wayang dan menonton apa sahaja cerita, termasuk filem asing yang saya tidak faham, kerana semua orang seni melakukannya. Saya juga suka menonton teater, kerana saya tidak ada pilihan disebabkan teater yang bagus selalunya mahal jadi saya menonton teater2 bengap yang tak best dan cuba memberi good review dan mencarik sesuatu yang baik utk diperkatanya supaya saya nampak seperti a cultured man, walaupun sebenarnya saya menyumpah seranah dan menyesal melihat teater-teater tersebut.

Saya pernah bercita-cita untuk menjadi ahli musik, sebelum saya bertukar cita-cita untuk menjadi pelukis, sebelum saya bercita-cita untuk menjadi pereka fashion dan seorang chef. Sekarang saya bercita-cita untuk menjadi penulis, dan masih kekal cita-cita itu sehingga satu tempoh cita-cita itu berubah.

x. Saya sangat suka berangan.

sekian sahaja 10 perkara mengenai saya.

4. Saya tag manusia-manusia berikut untuk meneruskan tag ini.

1. Tun Dr. Mahathir
2. Lim Kit Siang
3. Lim Guan Eng
4. Datuk Seri Anuar Ibrahim
5. Karpal Singh


Something funny happened while I was giving lecture yesterday. I had a 4 hours straight class. Two hours of knowledge management tutorial*, which I chatted in the ym while they were busy doing their knowledge acquisition exercise, and followed by a two hours quality management lecture*.

*tutorial is when i sit and smile, lecture is when i talk non stop.

(yes i got paid to sit and talk, so sue me!!)

So my mood was not very good at that time (my mood was never good anyway) and I had not had taken my lunch, because I was busy doing something else. So being very hungry and mood swing, I kept on giving my lecture and talks for hours. Luckily the new students were being very attentive, because they somehow knew I am not in a good mood. Students are very good at this thing.

As I was talking, almost reaching the first hour, two female student walk in the lecture hall, and just looked at me and nodded a bit and quickly find their ways to the empty seats. I was disrupted so I stop talking for a few second. The whole class went silence. I was a bit upset and flabbergasted, but then I continue talking.

After a few minutes, they got up and walked out of the lecture hall and said sorry. They went into the wrong lecture hall. Everyone was laughing, and I myself cannot contain the smile on my face.

Then my mood was oke a bit.

So moral of the story is, sometimes in a most unlikely situation can actually changed to something positive, only if your keep your composure and being optimistic and open about it. Never jump to a conclusion and do not react too quickly without giving it a thought.

Those two girls were confident and they were actually very early to their class, if their class starts at five that is.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Interesting statistics & facts?

I am sharing an email. Please read. Its too important.

Interesting statistics & facts?

The figures are speaking themselves very loudly yet we are unable to listen.

Some thoughts: Extracts of speech by Hafez A.B Mohamed, Director-General, Al Baraka Bank, South Africa


o World Jewish Population.

7 m in America

5 m in Asia

2 m in Europe

World Muslim Population:1,500 million

1000 million in Asia/Mid-East

400 M in Africa

44 M in Europe

6 M in the Americas

Every fifth human being is a Muslim. 20%

o For every single Hindu there are two Muslims 1 : 2

o For every Buddhist there are two Muslims 1 : 2

o For every Jew there are 107 Muslims 1 : 107

Yet the 14 million Jews are more powerful than the entire 1,500 million Muslims


Here are some of the reasons.

Movers of Current History

o Albert Einstein


o Sigmund Freud


o Karl Marx


o Paul Samuelson


o Milton Friedman


Medical Milestones

o Vaccinating Needle

Benjamin Ruben


o Polio Vaccine

Jonas Salk


o Leukaemia Drug

Gertrude Elion


o Hepatitis B

Baruch Blumberg


o Syphilis Drug

Paul Ehrlich


o Neuro muscular

Elie Metchnikoff


o Endocrinology

Andrew Schally


o Cognitive therapy

Aaron Beck


o Contraceptive Pill

Gregory Pincus


o Understanding of Human Eye

G. Wald


o Embryology.

Stanley Cohen


o Kidney Dialysis

Willem Kloffcame


Nobel Prize Winners

In the past 105 years, 14 million Jews have won 180 Nobel prizes

whilst 1.5 billion Muslims have contributed only 3 Nobel winners ( all Egyptians )

Inventions that changed History

o Micro- Processing Chip.

Stanley Mezor


o Nuclear Chain Reactor

Leo Sziland


o Optical Fibre Cable

Peter Schultz


o Traffic Lights

Charles Adler


o Stainless Steel

Benno Strauss


o Sound Movies

Isador Kisee


o Telephone Microphone

Emile Berliner


o Video Tape Recorder

Charles Ginsburg


Influential Global Business

o Polo

Ralph Lauren


o Coca Cola


o Levi's Jeans

Levi Strauss


o S tar buck's

Howard Schultz


o Google

Sergey Brin


o Dell Computers

Michael Dell


o Oracle

Larry Ellison



Donna Karan


o Baskin & Robbins

Irv Robbins


o Dunkin Donuts

Bill Rosenberg


Influential Intellectuals/Politicians

o Henry Kissinger

US Sec of State


o Richard Levin

President Yale University


o Alan Greenspan

US Federal Reserve


o Joseph Lieberman


o Madeleine Albright

US Sec of State


o CasperWeinberger

US Sec of Defence


o Maxim Litvinov

USSR Foreign Minister


o David Marshal

Singapore Chief Minister


o Isaacs Isaacs

Gov-Gen Australia


o Benjamin Disraeli

British Statesman


o Yevgeny Primakov

Russian PM


o Barry Goldwater

US Politician


o Jorge Sampaio

President Portugal


o Herb Gray

Canadian Deputy - PM


o Pierre Mendes

French PM


o Michael Howard

British Home Sec.


o Bruno Kriesky

Austrian Chancellor


o Robert Rubin

US Sec of Treasury


Global Media Influential

o Wolf Blitzer



o Barbara Walters

ABC News


o Eugene Meyer

Washington Post


o Henry Grunwald

Time Magazine


o Katherine Graham

Washington Post


o Joseph Lelyeld

New York Times


o Max Frankel

New York Times


Global Philanthropists

o George Soros


o Walter Annenberg


Why are they powerful?

So why are Muslims powerless? Here's another reason. We have lost the capacity to produce knowledge.

o In the entire Muslim World (57 Muslim Countries) there are only 500 universities.

o In USA alone, 5,758 universities

o In India alone, 8,407 universities

o Not one university in the entire Islamic World features in the Top 500 Ranking Universities of the World

o Literacy in the Christian World 90%

o Literacy in the Muslim World 40%

o 15 Christian majority-countries, literacy rate 100%

o Muslim majority - countries , None

o 98% in Christian countries completed primary

o Only 50% in Muslim countries completed primary.

o 40% in Christian countries attended university

o In Muslim countries a dismal 2% attended.

o Muslim majority countries have 230 scientists per one million Muslims

o The USA has 5000 per million

o The Christian world 1000 technicians per million.

o Entire Arab World only 50 technicians per million.

o Muslim World spends on research/development 0.2% of GDP

o Christian World spends 5 % of GDP

The Muslim World lacks the capacity to produce knowledge.

Another way of testing the degree of knowledge is the degree of diffusing knowledge.

Pakistan 23 daily newspapers per 1000 citizens
Singapore 460 per 1000 citizens.
o In UK book titles per million is 2000

o In
Egypt book titles per million is only 17


o Muslim World is failing to diffuse knowledge

Applying Knowledge is another such test.

o Exports of high tech products from
Pakistan is 0.9% of its exports..
o In Saudi Arabia is 0.2%

Kuwait , Morocco and Algeria 0.3%
Singapore alone is 68%

Muslim World is failing to apply knowledge.

What do you conclude?

no need to tell ...... the figures are speaking themselves very loudly we are unable to listen

My Advice:

Please educate yourself and your children. always promote education, don't compromise on it, don't ignore your children's slightest misguidance from education (and please, for God's Sake, don't use your personal contacts or sources to promote your children in their education; if they fail, let them and make them learn to pass; b/c if

they can't do it now, they can't ever).

We are World's biggest and strongest nation, all we need is to

identify and explore our ownselves. Our victory is with our knowledge,

our creativity, our literacy...And nothing else.

Please Muslims....Wake up... Its not too late