Thursday, January 22, 2009

i want to say something

wanna say something before i forgot.

First, is about the development done by the new government in my state. There isn’t any, or I can’t see any big radical changes they promised before the election. All the projects and programs they are doing right now are the programs initiated by the previous government.

I think they should be more creative and coming out with breakthrough and revolutionary changes and think of development rather than staying safe with incremental and muddling through the old establishment's program. After all that is the reason why people choose them in the first place.

They want change!

Its been a while since the election, and nothing big ever happen really. Most people would say, its not fair because they are new and must give them ample time to adjust and comes out with strong state economic policy. However one should remember, they are walking into the office on a red carpet, and every infrastructures and facilities are being shoved in their face, unlike those previous one who need to develop theirs from scratches.

Not saying the old one is better, but the new one seems rather… well, the same.

But one thing I see is all the states assembly men are getting a bloody expensive plush exciting Toyota Camry.

For what ever fucking hell they do that?

And why do you need a toyota camry?

Are they getting more creative, vigor and productive driving a camry?

You tell me.

Secondly, I would want to say something about Obama, and we are all very happy looking at him, and thought what a wonderful man he is, and how he could be the new savior of world civilization and repair all the nonsense made by Bush.

One thing I would like to remind everyone, being the first black president, obama would have to be a very populist type of leaders and he would be restricted with lots of tensions and pressure from his lobbyist, political watch dog and also from his shadow cabinet i.e the republican.

And being a Christian and being born by a muslim parents and brought up in a muslim country, Obama cannot be showing too much sympathy to the muslim because he would be seen as supporting the muslim community, read : terrorist (in the eyes of the mat salleh), and being a non muslim himself, he should not be to sympathize with muslim at all, and that add the square roots to all the necessary evil (read: war and economics restriction, not the religion. all religion teaches about good deed)

It is just a simple mathematics and logic.

He might not agree with war, unlike his predecessor, but to keep the police state and world hero status of America and the Americans, he somehow need to exert some level of force to the muslim, read: terrorist country.

Justto reminds everyone, remember this picture.

Always remember this picture.

He is not what you think he is!!!


singgahkejap said...

tu jer??? ader lg tak yg nk di say kan nyer...ader kan...hehehehe nk aku say kan ker? hiks..... :P

dzeng said...

tu je lah.

nak say apa lagi tu?

marah kena tinggal lah tu.

singgahkejap said...


:P :P :P