Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Perlis Indera ka....

A month ago, I was in Perlis. 

Emm, for the first time. 

It took me around 9 hours to get there, and 10 minutes to visit the whole state, which is as large as Bangsar shopping complex. Well, that would be too much of an exaggeration isn’t it. 

Oke Two Bangsar Shopping complexes!

Literally, if you move very fast from one end to another, you would not finish saying Perlis Indera Kayangan, you would probably stop at kaya.

But yes, It took us 8 hours to go there, after we missed a turn in Bidor, (then we missed a few other turns as well, let say around 6 turns and, the distance between the turn I should make, and the turn I actually made was around, let say 150 KM. 

Hik, on the way to Perlis, I am supposed to pick up a friend in Lumut, but I was too busy looking for the signage to lumut, I forgot there isn’t any. So instead of taking the Bidor Intersection, we went all the way up to Taiping, and then make a turn to Lumut. 

So that explains the extra 4 hours.  

It was a fucking waste of time and money, but at least I know places now. Places I never know existed such as Changkat Jering, Terong and whatnot. 

But, I was in Perlis, for the very first time. I meet Abun there. 

Thank god I did not drive, and thank god the driver did not know that we were supposed to turn in Bidor to get to Lumut. 

All he said was “rasanya dulu gih lumut 3 jam dah sampai, ni kenapa tak sampai-sampai lagi ek”  


I was there for a Misi Akademik. Misi Akademik is just one way to send lecturers for free vacation, all expenses paid and got paid extra allowance for it just to meet some SPM leavers and tell them why they should apply our university and not somewhere else.

Of course we don't lie, but we exaggerate every facts. 

If you learn marketing, you would understand. 

Anyway, Adi and Rosdin, my colleague was there too, but they took the plane, instead. I wanted to drive (which I regret the whole journey right after we reached Alor Star, and all the way back to Shah Alam) 

Perlis is so colourful. Everything is very colourful there. When you were in the town, you feel like you are in a very enormous open air kindergarten. 

The people, the food, the culture, I mean everything, including the building.  

colourful road

colourful building

colourful people, colourful culture 

I met Sweet Abun there.He works in the immigration department there. So he took Rosdin and Adi to Hatyai, while I have to stay in the Hotel because the driver complaint that he was tired. So I cannot possibly leave him in the hotel alone. 

It is so unfair, how come he can be sicked and tired at that moment, when he only droves from KL to  Taiping to Lumut to Kangar to Penang to Kangar to  Alor Star to kangar and back to lumut to Shah Alam. 

Huh... some people are so ungrateful.


I love the food in Perlis, everything taste so delicious. Probably because the Siamese influence in cooking to the local food accentuate the taste of food there. Every restaurant that sells lunch we went to, prepared an excellent arrays of food.

For a great lunch, I recommend this café under a very tiny hotel which I’ve forgotten the name of the hotel. But the hotel and the restaurant are situated just on the left side of the Sri Garden Hotel. 

Oke that is my Perlis story.

p/s: i give myself 10 days, and after that i would most probably just go gaga. 

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

tag again

I am so lazy lately to update my blog, for nor particular reason. Well, maybe for one reason, that I am just lazy to update the blog. Laziness can be a reason as well.

I have been tagged a few times, by fellow bloggers, and as promised I will try to answer it one by one, although I am not really sure, anyone would even bother to read it. But somehow, for lazy people like me, a tagged is a good way to write something in a blog, because you don’t have to think so much and force yourself to be creative to write anything for the survival of your blog.

So this is a tag by mr. panzer, and here goes.

Tag: Complete the sentence

1. Answer the questions below and put the link of the person who tagged you
2. Tag 5 people and let them know by leaving a message in their blog
My idea of going on a date would be...
The worst punishment my parents gave me was... because I...
My most extravagant splurge in the last six months is...
If I can have a super-ability, I'd want to have...
KL is...
My influences in life are...
I have climbed the highest mountain on earth and found the wisest man in the entire galaxy. And I can ask him only one question. I am going to ask him...
My wishes for 2009 would be that...
Lastly, I'd like to be remembered by...

My idea of going on a date would be
doing nothing, not even trying to find anything to talk just to impress our date that we know so much of anything, although knowing so much of anything really shows that we don’t know much of anything. Just sit there and stares at each other and shares drink while looking around to look for conversation piece and remind how everything look and resemble our date or the relation such as “the stars are so bright like your eyes” or “your chicken look so nice and succulent and juicy just like your lips” (so unromantic, yes I know) and work out the date until we finally come to the part where we said “my love to you is as much as the sand in gold coast Australia” or “I hate you because you are as bad as the Israelis taking advantages of the Palestinians”, which I prefer the latter than the former.
The worst punishment my parents gave me was… because I...
a good smack wallop with the buckle of the my fathers belt, on the eve of hari raya, although he did not intend to do it, but he was at rage and too mad at that time and tend to forget and somehow hold the other end of the belt, and was he surprised to see me cried my lungs out and twirl on the floor. Although the belt did not even touch my body, but you know how children can be such a drama queen.

And I got that punishment for a very minute offense, which most children would do. I mean, everyone has done it, it’s not unusual to poke flaming firecracker (the read one, with lots of smoke) to your sister’s butt because you think it would be funny, isn’t it.

Oh my father have no sense of humour at all.

It was funny at that time especially when I saw what big hole it made to my sister’s baju kurung at that time. We still talk about it until now, after almost 25 years.

My most extravagant splurge in the last six months is…
I bought a damn expensive car (at least with my salary, it is expensive), just because it look nice, although everyone told me not to do so (buying Korean car) and to tell you the truth I am not very sure I should because i am not really capable of doing it right now, and I am not really into korean car, and I am leaving the country soon for few years, but I bought it anyway because it look nice.

Then I bought a Gucci passport holder, for whatever reason I don’t know (which I used it as a wallet instead)

I bought a laptop, and last but not least I bought a Lacoste shoes which I don’t know when to use since I love more wearing the La Primavera sandals (which really look more like a RM10 slippers, although it does not cost RM10 at all) everywhere I go.

Nope, I don’t use credit card. I stop using it almost 2 years now.

And bloody proud of it.

If I can have a super-ability, I'd want to have...
The ability to read mind, although I don’t really care what people think of me (not really) but most importantly I want to know what other people think of someone else. For example if I am with B and C, I want to be able to read B’s mind so I know what he think of C (yes, so kepochi) and vice versa.

Emm, somehow I think, I have this ability already, especially after 7 years of learning economics in the university, we learn a lot on making assumption, assuming, make prediction and making false accusation.
KL is...
Too expensive.
My influences in life are...
No one, I believe you chart your own destiny and you need no one to motivate and tell you what to do, because god gives you brain to think for yourself.

I have climbed the highest mountain on earth and found the wisest man in the entire galaxy. And I can ask him only one question. I am going to ask him...
How to get down fast! Basically you will never see me climb the highest mountain or any mountain for that sake. And I don’t need to ask the wisest man because we have internet and we can seek any answers there and to make your skills ability and knowledge better we can go to training and conference.
My wishes for 2009 would be that...
Everyone is happy this year, and not so engulf with the world economic problem
Lastly, I'd like to be remembered by...
That is the person that have change my life, who teaches me well and now I am a better person (hahahahah, uwekkkkkkkkk)
I tag YOU!