Friday, August 22, 2008


i am not normal, i can tell you that.

hik hik.


i am not normal, i can tell you that.

hik hik.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

lets go to work, shall we.

Everyday we spend 33 percents of time of our life in the office, and another 33 percent will be spended at home sleeping. Some of us may add a few more percentage of sleeping hour in the office, provided that the environment of the workplace permits such action to happen.

In my case, which it does usually happen (sleeping), office is a very important place and i must try to make it as comfortable as possible so i can have a good working condition. A good environment, comfortable and, good working condition is important so we can be more dedicated, have a clear mind, and productive while working.

This is how my office looks like. But before that, lets see my favorite perfume. I keep it in the office so i would smell nice all the time.

This is one of my favorite perfume; Bvlgari Pour Homme. It is bloody expensive, and that is why i put it in the office so i would not use it too often. The one that i usually use is Issey Miyake- pour home. I will show the picture later, and sometimes i use Hugo Boss bottle.

I like perfumes because the smell makes us feel wonderful. I often realise that when i sprays different perfume for different occation at different time my mood will change according to the smell. For instant, if i wear issey miyake, i would feel more relax and calm, where as if i use the bvlgari i would suddenly feel active and happy, and if i use the boss bottle i suddenly becomes confident.

But thats just an assumption.

Back to the office.

The office is on the sixth floor. Luckily there is an elevator, so i don't have to climb the whole building to get to the office. And from the elevator i have to walk through some maze like walkway to reach here.

this is the door of my office with my name and teaching schedules and a notice board where i always write notes to student.

When we open the door, we will see my room, what else.

this is the view of my office, and if we look further, i.e. take out camera and carefully and painstakingly push out our hand out of the window and snap the camera, we will see this

the right view of the office.

This is my workstation. As you can see, the owner of this workstation is very untidy.

this is how it looks like when i sit behind the workstation and glare to the front. You can see two cubboard which i am supposed to fill in with lots of books, but i did not. Because most of my books are either at home or in the car.

In front of the workstation are two chairs for visitors.

This is my notice board in the office, where i write all the important notice and as you can see, none whatsoever. There is a picture painted by someone, and i was reminded never to clean that picture ever.

Nobody does that anymore, everything is in the computer, using the intranet, internet, and workgroup, groupware, watercooler, workflow management, PDAs, blackberry, data warehouse, digital whiteboard and so on so, the list will not end.

Every time a computer nerd think of ways to make money, some new gadget will be invented.

Other than that, inside the office i have

The McDonalds coca cola Beijing Olympic glass tumbler collection. I have the whole collection, some of it in the car. This thing is going to be a collectors item so i am keeping it.

my lappy

my PC with Patrick, Suzzy and Spongebob happily dancing away in a bubble on the screen.

some stuff i bought everywhere. The frames with embosed elephants are from Thailand, the glassware are from weddings that i went to.

this is my muzium. where i have some ornamental materials from Maidin supermarket, some item from sarawak, such as those cheap fake made in china pua kumbu and that stylist smoking pipe and a picture frame with lovely flowers in a vase.

this is when i try to be cheaply artistic, using cheap material and being artistic with it. Thats a very old songket, and some vases bought from the philippines and some from Ayer Hitam johor and i put inside it pink/red colour potpourri.

I look kinda ugly in this picture, but if you come here, you will see the redness actually gives colour to the whole office.

This is my favorite plant. Why is it my favorite, because it refuses to die!!!

Hahaha, even if i do not pour water for weeks it will still look beautiful. Real plant have artistic spiritual values because it remind me that i am not the only living thing in the office.

Oh that remind me to water the plant.

Kejab na.

Ohhh. that's me taking picture of a mirror where i check myself before going to class. Just to make sure there are no taik matas or taik hidungs or bulu hidungs or anything like that and to comb my hair.

And directly under the mirror is

my coffee and tea making facilities.

ohh,, this is very important to me. the utmost important thing my vitamins. Please be noted, this picture was taken before the month of Ramadhan, which is just around the corner,

Then there is this carpet, i bought because i like the brown colour and i was cursed by the vendor because i asked for too much discount for it.

They gave it anyway. so its mine, and i use it for... none other than ...

sleeping. hahahaha.

and this is where i kept all the pillows and blanket.

Oke, this if my office, please come in if you have anything to consult with me.

Monday, August 18, 2008

life is beautiful

Something happened to me this weekends, and it makes me to rethink the real concept of friendship. I was hurt, and I was hurt again. First with the significant others, second is with his other significant others. And that bastard, the other significant others (which now i dont know how many he has, happen to be my own best friend, and they buat pakatan sulit behind my back). It’s complicated, yes I know, but everything about me is complicated.

Friends can be such pain in the arse, especially those who have no reason to live in this world, and not man enough to face the consequences. Well i am sorry, i have given you all the chances available.

But I will be more careful when choosing friends, and the time has come to give label to this so call friends, although how much I hate to do it, they deserve to be labeled and graded.

But I had fun. I wasn’t the best, but I had great fun. Meeting people from very far and knowing myriads of problem they can inflict you with.

I love you, but I love myself more. And I don’t want the person I love most to get hurt.


Sunday, August 17, 2008

I met my headache

Today i met the son of the devil from Kelantan. Yes this date 17 of August 2008. After so many years of being very careful and shunt all possible and eligable person just to ensure i do not get hurt, i was hurt on the same date by this particular person.

The Biggest mistake in life

The biggest mistake in life is to fall is love with someone who have too much love to share.

They tend to share it with everyone.

Well, what to do, thats life i reckon. Tangan yang memberi lebih baik dari tangan yang menerima. So to stop ones from being labelled berangan, one should stop asking for too much or being very greedy.


Friday, August 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Arif

Something happen this morning. Had to cancel the class. I was so tired to go through the colloquium and just sat doing nothing.

The car was so dirty of the sap from a tree that dripped everywhere. I thought it would not come out, and had it sent to a cuci kereta shop. They managed to get all the sap away, and now my car is as new as never before.

One thing i really hate to do is to send the car for a car wash. I just hate waiting. I hope one day they will be a service, whereby they will come to your place and take your car away for washing, and send it back squeaky clean. But than again, that time will never come. Being very lazy to send it to the car wash, hence the car is seldom wash.

I also hate sending the car to the mechanic to maintain the car because i just can't stand waiting for the car to be serviced. In fact, i did not send it for quite sometimes now. Emm, i have to send it to the service centre soon or the engine will blow and come out from the boot.


Anyway, the car is so clean today. Having a clean car actually create a very positive aura or feeling. I guess i need to send it more often for washing later.

What did i do after that.

Em, oke went to Hainan in Section 9 and tried the Yong Tau Foo soup. Emm nothing special about it, just a bunch of stuff vegetable and fishball in chicken broth. So i had with chicken rice with it.

Then i went to a friends house and use his internet connection until now. Hik.

But in the meanwhile, the boys call for a suprise birthday party for Arif in Ereen's house. The cake is white chocolate with macademia nut, and the candles on the cake are 3 big ones and 6 small ones.

Happy Birthday Arif Hasyim.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Cabut Gigi

The pain has been lingering for quite sometime now. I went to see the doctor almost a month ago. The doctor do not want to do anything since the nerves is still in pain. Pulling out the teeth will make it even worst. So I end up eating a lot of pain killer, mostly consist of ponstan.

A few days after that, I feel occay, and the pain eased up a little. After a couple of day, it disappears altogether. So hurray, I thought. I don’t have to see the dentist anymore. I am like almost 4 billions other people in the world are scared shit of dentist.

But a few days ago, it came back. But, now it’s even worst. I cannot chew my food properly, and have to eat using the left side of my mouth. And I look like cow doing it. And every time I eat something when the food somehow got into the hole of the teeth, I feel like killing someone.

Sunday was the worst. I was in the midst of class, I was giving quizzes to the students and suddenly it was there. The sharp pain and I have another hour to go. I teach while I was crying. Tears were coming out of my eyes, while the students look in amusement. Only after the class ended I told them what had happen.

And then yesterday, I could not take it anymore, but I have class and could not make it to the dentist. I have to meet the dentist. I cannot wait any longer. The pain is unbearable. I realized that every time I have class, the pain comes. Meaning every time I open my mouth, I will feel the pain. Maybe it is because of the excessive saliva, or air getting into the teeth, or something. So it sums up that I have a hole in one of my teeth.

So today, I went to see the doctor to do something about it. But the doctor said, the teeth have been impacted by the wisdom tooth. And there is nothing she can do about it but to pull it out.

Never did I imagine the pain, I just said “oke”

Then she took out the metal syringe. Then only I remember why I hate going to the dentist. The machines they have are scary. After a few jab, I could not feel anything. But the first time she poke the needles it was bloody painful.

Then she took her pliers like gadget and she pulled and pushed and pulled and every time she did that I felt like my head is going to explode, and then there it was my mandibular second molar right after my wisdom tooth.

I was bloody big, the one we see is only 1/3 of the whole teeth, while the 2/3 is still imbedded inside the gusi gums.

She shows me the teeth and how the teeth is all rosak already.

Now, after a few hours of feeling numb, i am starting to feel the pain when the anesthetic is now no longer effective. The blood keeps on oozing, but someone I am relief because I am no longer in pain.

Goodbye my dear teeth, you have served me well.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

I am in deep shite

Emm, don't know how deep, and don't really know if i am in a shit or not. I am supposed to represent someone from the office to some closing ceremony. However, i could not make it. I totally forgotten about it.

Well, i did not actually forget, i just forgot to wake up on time. Well its a saturday. What can i do about it?

But i don't think its important, since the person herself did not want to go.

Well, i would just have to lie saying i was there or just said i had a headache. Which i did, somehow, in my own headachey way.

Friday, August 8, 2008

i am busy?

Right now i have these responsibilities to take care of

1. 18 hours meeting hours, consisting of
-2 subject; Quality Management and Knowledge Management
-which come to 14 hours of class,
- which includes 2 hours lecture and,
-12 hours tutorial,
- which makes up of 6 tutorial class.

2. 4 hours of consultation of 4 students with 2 research reports.

3. 4 students under the mentoring system

4. 12 epjj students, 1 two hours class, once every month.

i am suppose to come out with at least 2 research papers, which i don't know what to research on, or just plain lazy.

i am thinking of upgrading my students research since it is mine in a way ( how i wish). It would be ethical to just copy, so i think i will study on the same areas, so it will lessen my burden a bit on the literature part.

Yes, i am bad. But, with the limited time i have, i need to work smart.

Other than that, i dont really have anything to do, except maybe some general management works.


its 8-8-8 today, the opening of Beijing Olympic, and the day an Audit Surveillance was planned to happen.

Got an email saying the Audit Surveillance is going on the faculty from 9-12, and since i have class at 8.30 i reckoned they will come to my class. Had all my notes, module, text books, portfolio files and everything just to be ready if i am being audited. I have also alarmed the students about the audit and have asked them to behave in class. Waited until 10.30 no one shows up. Feel sorry for those whose class was audited, because it was not mine.

A student invited me to be a guiding lecturer for a field trip in Jerteh, Terengganu ni 15-18 of August. Still thinking about it.

I was called to represent the dean for a closing ceremony that involve a minister tomorrow. Can't escape this one.

A student is getting on my nerves and is being very annoying. Not sure if he really don't know how to do the assignment, or just to make himself look busy. Some students would do anything just to be acknowledge by the lecturer. I am not like that, always keep in mind that students grade should be based on their performance, and not how good his relation is with the lecturers.

Ejad called, because he had a bread making class, and brought a box full of bread.

Now i am full.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

1st entri

This is my first entry in this blog.