Thursday, November 27, 2008

i can see rainbow! No.... rainbow don't go...

Hello, miss me?

I am now free as a bird. I feel so liberated now that the exam has ended. I have marked the papers, keyed in and validated the marks. Now I am waiting for the validation meeting to check and compare marks with the rest of the lecturers for different subjects. Mostly validation meetings are held to formally confirming the marks as a faculty's decision before it is brought to the discussion of the university’s board of director or otherwise called the senate meeting.

But it wasn’t an easy task. In one of the code, the paper was supposed to be marked by 3 lecturers. One of them flew to Australia to pursue her PhD right before the exam. The other markers is one of the very-very senior officer, i.e the vice dean who is always busy and on the run. Since the july-november semester is rather short, we were only given a very short time before the deadline to finish all the markings.

Before i continue, i want to introduce my nephew.

This is azmir, we call him amir. He likes talcum powder very much. He use it everywhere, on his face, the body, hands, leg, under the table, on the carpet, at the sofa. That is his picture before my mom (his grandma) found out and wallop him.


this is one of the exam hall. Unlike other universities where they have exam building, we don’t. Each faculty have to be creative and try to find own ways to do the exam. Sometimes we wonder what is the function of the exam department, when the faculty has to do everything on its own.

This is actually a moot court where we rearrange the room and put table in it. Other than that, the exams are held all over the place. Smaller groups are very lucky because they get to do it in an airconditioned room, such as this one. A larger group, such as my students had to do it in the lounge or the dewan makan in the student dormitory, were it is hot and stuffy and you will feel hungry the entire course of exam because you can smell chicken being fried in the kitchen.

That is why this university is said to produce very strong graduate because they are always being tested, and they are being tested while they are being tested.


The lecturers are also being tested all the time.

like for example....

Do you know what this is?

This is the last paper from the bunch of papers that I need to mark. It took me almost 11 days to mark all the papers. When you reach the last one you will feel so bliss you almost cry. And I did cry, because mind you I feel very tired marking the papers this semester since I am taking over the bunch from the other lecturer that managed to get away. Lucky bitch.

And when you finally finished the last paper you feel a rush of joy, and stars and sun suddenly appears out of nowhere and you feel like dancing and singing, and if its rain, you would just run out the field and sing a song from the sound of music.

Do a dear, a female dear

Re, a drop of golden sun

Me, a name I called my self….

Bla bla bla.

You feel like rainbow suddenly come out of nowhere celebrating the gush of blood through your head and feel high. Somewhat like what drug addict gets when they take heroin I think. I swear on the way back home, I saw rainbow. I even took picture of it.

Lets take a closer look.

Do you see it? or i am going loco and imagining seeing a rainbow.

But, suddenly....

Not all movies, end up with happy ending. And you realised then, there isnt a pile of gold at the end of the rainbow, but a pile of dung.

Do you know what these are?

These are few (i wouldn't say a few) papers that i need to mark again, because one of the very-very senior person could not finish it.

While attending a train the trainer (tot) training (yes, i need to go to a 3 days training while marking my papers), i got an sms.

"can you continue marking on one of the question because i could not make it, i have another paper to mark"

I just said oke, because i thought how hard could it be. Only one isnt it.

But when i took the bundle from the exam strong room, it was actually one the most famous and easiest question of all. Meaning to say, everyone answered that question, meaning to say, i need to remarks the whole bundle of answer scripts.

Well again, i am not complaining, just sharing stories. It is better to be stressed because you have a job, rather than being stressed unemployed, and since this particular person have enough authority and can elevate my stress level to another stage, i just keep quiet and do my job.

Kacang putih lah...

So with a lots of packets of kacang putih, i continued marking and marking and marking, counting the overall marks, keyed in the marks, validated the marks, and now i am as free as a bird until early January when the new semester starts.

Well, it may sound stressful but a lecturer's work is actually is not stressful at all. We are only busy at the early and at the end week of each semester. while the rest of the 4 months period we are basically talking and making sure the students get hell and sore ass and being a pain in the neck to the student and get paid for it. But of course there is also research that you need to do and some reading just to make sure that you know a little bit more from the students.

If you are lazy, but you have the credentials, and wanted something easy, be a lecturer. Trust me, i am one of them.

the one with credentials, not lazy oke!

anyway, the day i finished all the works, i called Za and Raz and we went to celebrate. We had steamboat for dinner last night.

This is the cheapest steamboat restaurant you will ever find. Only RM19.90 per person, this Flaming Restaurant in Sunway Pyramid served the best affordable steamboat in town. Do not expect lobsters and soft shell crab, but they have almost everything.

And they a lots of dessert too, like ice cream, those marshmellow dipped in chocolate sauce, ice kacang and bottomless drinks.

I just love buffet. Although you know, buffet keep you closer to the heart doctors, but because it is cheap and since you can eat like a cow, you dont really mind about heart attack. Really...

Anyway, it is a steamboat dinner, it is supposed to be healthy.

This is the TOT training session.

As usual, the rule stay, sit as far as possible from the trainer so he won't ask you question or ask you to participate in the activity.


The one standing is the trainer.
the fat one looking rather bored is me.

These are some of the pictures of the porridge i cook last week while having flu. Since mom was not around that time and since a friend of mine was also sick, so i cook some porridge and fried some anchovies, shallots and grounded some black peppers.


Just put 1 cup of rice, and 6 cups of water. Bring it to boil, put some coconut milk, and throws in some slice ginger and simmer it until the rice all lembik already. Put in some salt to taste. Eat with fried anchovies and what ever lah you have in the fridge.

Of course, i went down to buy Nasik Goreng Kampung a couple of hours later.

I am sick, not on a diet.

This is a picture of a half day round table discussion with the Ministry of Youth and Sports which i attended while busy invigilating exams and marking papers to discuss the political issues among youth. That is the life of a public servant, you have to make time when duty call. The discussion focuses a lot on the voting trend in the last election, where one of the reason said for the very interesting election result was because of the youth voting.

They are easily manipulated, they like shiny things, and they like drama and excitement, but they don't really care about politics.


But, then again it is a good thing because it shows our political thinking are getting more mature each day, and the political partisans are getting bigger, which is good for democracy, as long as they know what they are doing and where they are heading.

I was not intrigue so much on the discussion, but rather was looking forward for what will be served for lunch.

Oke that is about it, for today.


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

What day is today

I know what day is today, but somehow someone has forgotten it. I think.

You see, every Thursday, we, the ever grateful, indebted and oblige, serving the king, nation and the general administration whole heartedly with courtesy, civility and sincerity; the polite government servants have to wear batik shirt.

So we all wear batik, but not everyone does because sometimes we just wear plain shirt on Thursday.

But not this man, he is just a day ahead of everyone.

Or maybe he just being proud of the national costume.


*mati lah.

Or maybe he has an important function that requires him to wear that shirt.

Anyway, i am supposed to be busy, and am supposed to be free from blogging until 24th of November. But 4 hours straight looking at the yellow script per session, 3 sessions per day somehow always motivates you to do something else. The more i mark, the more it seems that i have not, and you get a lil' bit frustrated.

When will this misery end?

Anyhow, blogging gives me such relief. It releases me from the ghastly reality that I am actually behind schedule.

I want to share some pictures of food my friend and I ate in Pak Li.

Pak Li is a Chinese kopitiam oke, it is not Pak Ali or something like that. Most probably the owner’s name is Chong Pak Li, or Pak Li kiu, or Pak Li li, but not Pak Ali. And it is situated in section 7, Shah Alam. Its one of the most hype meeting place and they serve good coffee and fairly nice food.

The speciality is roti bakar, and I love the mee kari and always have that in Pak Li. But I tried something else yesterday since I have slight fever and mee kari is a bit strong. I ate kueh tuew in a clear chicken broth soup. Not bad actually and it’s good for the flu.

My food. Nice and light

Fash had the Kueh Teuw Goreng, which is just oke.

Nasik Lemak special for Raz. It has everything in it.

p/s: i wonder if that man saw his picture in my blog, what would he do to me???

Its Finally Over. NOT

The exam is finally over, with the last paper came in yesterday. Guess what? The last paper was mine. I am a bit disappointed and dissatisfied with the way the exam was arranged this semester. I teach 3 code this semester, namely the Quality Management, Knowledge Management and Human Resource Management (yeah funny right, when my field is actually economics and administration, but no complaint about that).

Being the core code, which mean every tom, dick and harry in the faculty had to take this paper to graduate, the number of undergrads taking this subject is rather extensive. In fact, I have the most number of students in the faculty, which I am not complaining either, because it is better to be stressed when you have a job, rather than being stressed because you are jobless.

What put me in dismay is all the three subjects were scheduled on the last week of exam i.e. the last five days of exam. They started the exam from 29th of October right till the 18th of November. It’s very disappointing to see lecturers (senior mostly) that teach elective code examination with very minimum number of students was scheduled early so that they have time to mark their papers, just because they are seniors.

I am not saying anyone fiddled with the scheduling but the trends and patterns are there, and it is enough for me to conclude that there is a predisposition in the examination schedule.

Having only five days maximum to mark 3 codes and almost, let me see, 137, 74, 80, 22 (many), 1 lecture and 5 tutorial classes, key in the mark, and do all the reporting is somehow very tiring. And this does not include the pain and headache I had to endure reading their group and individual assignments prior to the exam.

Anyhow, since nobody cares what happen to me even if I shout until blood coming out of my eyes, I should just shut the fuck up and do my work.

Speaking about examination, and examination invigilation (oh no!, not another one of those invigilation stories), yes, another one of those invigilation stories, i would like to sum up types of students we will see in the examination hall.

Basically we would only see two types of students, the normal and the abnormal. The normal ones are those who know what to do, and the abnormal ones are those who had no idea why they are in the exam room, and you would be surprised how most cheating cases and attempted cheating was done by the brighter one. Maybe because of the pressure of the examination and the need to prove they are good got the hold of their consciences.

So this is the list of types of students (the abnormal one) I usually see in the examination room, and it can be rather enjoyable watching them although you are in reality bored like hell.

Couldn’t be bothered.
These are the normal ones. When they got their question papers, they will wait for the instruction and when the time start they will quickly scribble something on the question papers, most probably their mind map, and start writing the whole 3 hours are could not be bothered with the surrounding. They are very focus, and fast, and they write non stop. Even if a bomb was release in front of them, they would try to finish their exam first.

Thinkers are those students who look very decent and they like to pose, poise thinks every time the finish a sentence. They look like they are enmesh in some puzzle and trying to find the best solution for the problem. They will look at the floor, ceiling, table and bite of their pen and pencil and but still look blank.

Energizer Bunny.
These type of students cannot sit still. They have to move some part of their anatomy (hopefully and mostly their legs) and kept on flipping their exam questions and answer booklet and what ever as long as they look busy. They are the loud one. Their action actually create sound in the exam hall, from squeaking chairs and table

Drama Queen
This is very theatrical in nature. They are like thinkers; accept we can see their body movement. At one time they are slow, and out of a sudden their eyes pop and they change into an energizer bunny, and then stop and think, and their hands are moving up and down like a maestro in an orchestra.

Time conscious
Time conscious student keep on looking at the clock in the exam hall and then look at the watch on the wrist, and then look back to the clock in the exam hall just to check if the time are well aligned. And at time we can see they are trying to take a peek to the student besides them, not to copy the answer, but to look at their watch.

Sight Seeing.
These types of student are the one who will eventually fail. Hik. They don’t know why they are in the room, and on the course of the 3 hour exam, their body may be in the room, but their soul is somewhere else. Just like thinker, they will look around, and then keep looking around, smiling like crazy apes.

Emily Rose
These are the types that talk to themselves while doing their exam. If we look very carefully we can see they are doing their “OH!, and AH! And then have a private session monolog while writing something on the paper.

We have two types of sleeper, one who sleep in the exam hall, maybe they finish early, or they just do not know what to do, and another one, who sleep at home, thinking some malaikat would wake them up and take them flying to the examination hall. I had a few of these cases before. If they can make it in time before the first hour fled, then I will let them in (although the instruction said 30 minutes), but I cannot comprehend those who were very late. Because exam is very important to them, and the only date they need to remember in their entire university life is their examination timetable.

p/s: To all my lovely students i wish you good luck, and hopefully my mood is very stable this week while marking your papers. Oh god, how i wish i am in an island now, drinking coconut water with funny straws and mini umbrella on it.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Don't you just love google, at least my students does. Everytime they sent in their research there will somehow have a link to google search engine. Another favorite reference is the wikipedia. It seems like google search engine and the wikipedia are a big library, and you can find what ever information about anything in the world here.

Nowadays, there is no need for University anymore, because most universities student's assignment information and facts are taken from these two sources. So create your own research questions and research objectives, and googled your information and compiled all the information from the wikipedia. Construct, conceptualise and create your own understanding, or better still create your own theory or even better create your own law , and tadaaaaaa you have your own thesis.

Of course, non of my students dare to send in their work having these two sources, because i reminded them over and over again, that i am going to fail their assignment. Not being that strict though, but if possible i want them to explore more important, legitimate, acknowledged and structured works and researches from books, and journal, sometime i accept the work if the information are suitable and logic and comes from a legitimate websites.

Because knowledge exist in many ways.


... not this two types of knowledge though:

Perc............ Search Term
12.50%...... almari cute blogspot
12.50%...... room almari
12.50% ...... pindang tongkol is also called
12.50% ...... almari kayu
12.50% ...... masturbate with brinjols
12.50% ....... gerobok besi
12.50% ...... girls masturbate stories of brinjols


p/s : to those who googled the above and was linked here, i am sorry to dissappoint you, but i don't have any stories involving girls masturbating with brinjols.

Move away tempe, Budu is here!!!

Ever wonder why kelantanese are so healthy people, strong and looking young and vibrant without using SK11 or injecting botox like some wife of an important minister?

And ever wonder how come most of them consume a lot of sugar, and still maintain healthy?

Read the article below, and it might change your view on budu and the consumption of budu.

This article was distributed in my organization group email, and i am publishing it without prior consent, for non financial purposes. Just to share some information.

Budu merupakan makanan traditional Kelantan dan Terengganu yang diperbuat daripada ikan bilis atau udang bari yang dijeruk sehingga hancur. Budu atau sos bilis yang berasal dari negeri sebelah pantai timur Malaysia ini mendapat perhatian dan menjadi kajian para ahli pemakanan berkhasiat Jepun, Amerika Syarikat, Australia, New Zealand dan Jerman.

Penemuan baru-baru ini membuktikan kandungan budu memiliki gluthaione sebagai bahan antioksidan, mengeluarkan sisa toxic dan meningkatkan daya tahan tubuh (immune) yang dapat memerangi pelbagai penyakit merbahaya dan menghalang kanser. Kenyataan ini bagaikan satu kejutan bagi golongan yang selama ini memperlekehkan kewujudan budu yang dianggap makan "kuno".

Budu didapati berpotensi untuk melawan radikal bebas dan dipercayai mampu menghalang proses penuaan dan mencegah terjadinya penyakit degeneratif sep erti aterosklerosis, koroner jantung, penyakit kencing manis, kanser dan selainnya pada peringkat lebih awal. Kajian mendalam juga mendapati budu turut mengandungi zat antibakteria penyebab [[diarrhoea cirit (diarrhoea)] , penurunan kolestrol darah, pencegah penyakit jantung dan hipertensi. Budu memiliki zat gizi yang lebih mudah dicerna, diserap dan dimanfaatkan oleh tubuh berbanding jenis protein yang lain.

Khasiat budu yang diproses dari ikan bilis yang diperam terbukti mampu mengatasi masalah kanak-kanak yang menderita penyakit diarrhoea kronik akibat kurang zat pada tubuh. Dengan pengambilan budu sebagai makanan sampingan, ia mampu menggalakkan pertumbuhan berat badan bagi golongan yang menderita penyakit diarrhoea kronik ini serta menyembuhkannya dalam waktu singkat. Ia juga dapat mempertingkatkan IQ kepada sesiapa yang memakannya. kerana ia merangsangkan sel-sel otak dan akan memperkukuhkan ikatan di antara neuron-neuron serta menguatkan neuron-neuron yang lemah..

Pemakanan budu turut bertindak membantutkan pertumbuhan bakteria raffinosa dan stokiosa, penyebab utama gejala flatulensi dan masalah kembung perut bagi kanak-kanak dan orang dewasa. 2 kelompok vitamin yang terdapat pada budu iaitu, vitamin larut air (vitamin B kompleks) dan vitamin larut lemak (vitamin A, D, E dan K).

Budu merupakan sumber vitamin B yang paling banyak menyumbang kepada pecahan lain sep erti vitamin B1 (thiamin), vitamin B2 (riboflavin) , asid pantotenat, asid niasin, vitamin B6 dan vitamin B12 (sianokobalamin) . Secara saintifik, budu merupakan penyumbang utama vitamin B12 yang dihasilkan oleh bakteria klebsiella pneumoniae dan Citrobacter frundiin - yang mana vitamin B12 ini tidak dimiliki dari mana-mana sumber makanan laut, ikan-ikan dan daging-daging lain. vitamin B12 ini perlu untuk pembentukan sel darah merah, di mana kekurangan vitaman ini mengakibatkan terjadinya penyakit anemia perisiosa (pucat), sakit perut dan berat badan menurun.

Kadar vitamin B12 dalam budu adalah di antara 1.5 sehingga 6.3 mikrogram per 100 gram bagi setiap satu hidangan atau 2 sudu besar. Jumlah ini jauh lebih cukup untuk keperluan badan manusia dalam sehari. Dengan adanya vitamin B12 para pengamal diet (jaga badan) tidak perlu lagi merasa khuatir akan kekurangan vitamin B12 di dalam badan. Selain pembekal kepada protein yang tinggi, ia turut mengandungi mineral makro dan mikro dalam jumlah yang cukup. Jumlah mineral zat besi, kalsium dan magnesium adalah sebanyak 9, 39, 2, 87 dan 8.05 mg bagi setiap 100 gram budu.

Budu juga mengandungi zat antioksidan dalam bentuk isoflavon. Seperti halnya vitamin C, vitamin E dan karotenoid, isoflavon juga merupakan antioksidan yang sangat diperlukan oleh tubuh untuk menghentikan reaksi pembentukan radikal bebas. Radikal bebas merupakan atom atau molekul yang mempunyai satu atau lebih elektron yang tidak berpasangan, sehingga menjadi sangat aktif hingga menyebabkan ketumbuhan tumor, kanser, penuaan dan kematian sel.

Radikal bebas didapati berpunca dari makan seharian yang dimakan dan juga dari reaksi yang terjadi di dalam tubuh. Adanya antioksidan di dalam budu akan mencegah pembentukan radikal bebas tersebut. Kebiasaannya di dalam apa jua jenis ikan terdapat 3 jenis isoflavon unsur antioksidan iaitu daidzein, glisitein dan genistien. Pada budu, di samping 2 jenis unsur ini, terdapat juga antioksidan faktor 11 (6, 7, 4 trihidroksi isoflavon) yang mempunyai sifat antioksidan paling kuat dibandingkan isoflavon dalam ikan-ikan lain.

Penelitian yang dilakukan di Universiti North Carolina, Amerika Syarikat menemukan bahawa unsur genestein dan phytoestrogen yang terdapat pada budu terbukti dapat mencegah penyakit kanser, proses penuaan dan barah payu dara. Penyakit jantung koroner (PJK) merupakan salah satu bentuk kelainan pembuluh darah koroner akibat penumpuan lemak di dalam dinding pembuluh darah iaitu satu keadaan yang disebut aterosklerosis. Ini mungkin disebabkan oleh faktor usia, pemakanan, jantina dan keturunan. Manakala faktor dimodifikasi adalah peningkatan kadar lipida darah (hiperkolestrolemia ), hipertensi, obesiti, stress dan kurang aktiviti lasak.

Pemakanan budu yang mempunyai sifat hipokolesterolemik (menurunkan lemak darah) sep erti kandungan protein, serta makanan, niasin, vitamin E, karotenoid dan kalsium. Satu ujikaji rambang yang dijalankan, mendapati pengambilan budu sebanyak 150 gm sehari selama 2 minggu dapat menurunkan kadar kolestrol ke tahap luar dari jangkaan. Selain dari sumber protein yang berkualiti tinggi, budu turut dikenali sebagai sumber serat (dietary fiber) yang baik.

Kandungan serat di dalam budu mampu mencapai di antara 8 hingga 10% bagi setiap 100 gm. Ia menyumbangkan kepada 30% dari umlah serat yang dianjurkan oleh National Cancer Research.. Berbanding serat di dalam ikan-ikan atau sumber protein lain, serat pada budu lebih mudah untuk dicernakan. Dari apa yang dinyatakan ini jelas sekali bahawa khasiat serta kebaikan sep iring budu yang dimakan bersama hidangan nasi pagi, tengahari dan malam melampau jangkauan yang anda fikirkan.

Budu seumpama cecair pelbagai vitamin yang memenuhi segala keperluan untuk tubuh badan.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

It is here

pandai tak 3 out of 25. mati lah

Will not be blogging for quite sometime now, at least until 24th.
See you soon.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Neurological test

This is a REAL neurological test. Sit comfortably and be calm .

1- Find the C below. Do not use any cursor help.


2- If y ou already found the C, now find the 6 below.


3- Now find the N below. It's a little more difficult..


This is NOT a joke.

If you were able to pass these 3 tests, you can cancel your annual visit to your neurologist.

Your brain is great and you're far from having Al zheimer Disease.


Thursday, November 13, 2008

Santau jentik

Santau adalah satu teknik sihir orang-orang nusantara yang cukup menakutkan. Baik di indonesia, di malaysia, thailand dan sebagainya cukup popular dengan sihir santau ni. Santau adalah musibah yang dihantar secara batin melalui makanan, angin, air dan sebagainya.

Banyak kali kita terbaca pasal santau ni, personally aku tak pernah tengok lagi orang yang kena santau. Tapi dari cerita-cerita yang pernah dengar, kesan santau ni amat menakutkan. Contohnya orang yang kena santau yang dihantar melalui makanan akan mengalami muntah-muntah darah, dan bila mereka muntah keluar barang-barang yang pelik seperti jarum, kaca dan sebagainya. Kalau santau dari angin pulak, dikatakan orang yang terkena akan menjadi busung, gila dan sebagainya.

Sebab itu bila kita makan-makan di restoren misalnya, kita kena sentiasa berwaspada, jangan sekali-sekala menyakitkan hati peniaga, dan kita kena baca Bismillah sebelum makan untuk mendapat perlindungan dari-Nya.

Sebab kita ni manusia biasa, dan musibah datang dalam berbagai cara.

Bercerita pasal santau ini, ada satu kejadian yang menyebabkan aku jadi begitu takut dan fobia untuk satu tempoh yang lama. Kejadian ini berlaku tidak lama dulu. Masa tu aku duduk seorang di rumah. Emak duduk di rumah kakak di klang untuk sementara waktu.

Nak dijadikan cerita, masa aku balik dari kerja aku nampak satu bungkusan kecil kain putih yang di ikat dengan getah diselitkan di mangga pintu rumah.

Ketika itu perasaan aku bercampur gaur. Risau, takut, kalut bertukar ganti. Kenapa ada orang nak letakkan bungkusan kecil kain putih ini di rumah. Tapi aku beranikan diri mengangkat bungkusan tersebut dan meletakkan baik-baik di tepi pasu bunga. Aku berdoa pada tuhan, jangan lah perkara buruk berlaku. Pada masa yang sama, aku menyedapkan diri dan mengatakan bungkusan kecil itu sebenarnya diletakkan oleh emak di sana untuk menjaga rumah.

Malam itu aku tidor tidak tenteram sekali. Risau kalau-kalau sebenarnya bungkusan itu diletakkan oleh seseorang untuk tujuan pukau. Semua lampu rumah aku buka. Sengaja aku on kan television supaya malam itu untuk nampak rumah seperti sibuk.

Malam itu cuaca agak panas luar biasa dari hari-hari yang biasa. Mulut aku tidak berhenti-henti membaca segala doa dan ayat quran yang aku tau.

Alhamdullilah, sehingga pagi semuanya baik-baik belaka.

Beberapa minggu kemudian, masa dok lepak rumah kawan, badan rasa sedikit penat dan aku tertido di rumahnya. Malam tu kita orang dok borak terlalu lama sampai kesiangan. Jadi bila dah tido lewat bangun pun lewat lah. Bila bangun-bangun tengok jam dan pukul 12 tengahari.

Jadi dalam dok kalut nak keluar rumah tu tiba-tiba aku ternampak bungkusan putih yang sama ada di depan rumahnya.

Jika aku masa tu dah tidak tenteram sama sekali. Kenapa ada bungkusan ni di depan rumah kawan aku lak. Dan kenapa ada dua pulak.

"Zubir... bir, tengok ni" teriak aku pada zubir dari pintu rumahnya.

"ada apa? apa yang dok kalut tu" kata zubir.

Pastu aku pun tunjuklah kat bungkusan kecil berwarna putih di depan rumahnya. Ada dua. Zubir mengangkatnya dengan berhati-hati.

"Apa benda ni?" tanya zubir.

"Ntah lah, hari tu ada satu kat rumah macam ni jugak." Jawab aku pada zubir.

Zubir tiba-tiba membuka bungkusan tersebut, walaupun aku cuba melarangnya. Bila terburai di dalamnya ada seakan-akan pasir.

"Pasir apa ni?. Kenapa orang letak bungkusan ni di depan rumah" tanya zubir.

"Ntahnya, pasir kubur kot. Ada orang cuba nak kena kan kita kot ni bir" Aku begitu risau sekali masa tu.

Orang ni dah main kasar. Hari tu dirumah aku, dia bubuh sebuah, ini di rumah Zubir diletakkan dua bungkusan sekali.

Apalah salah aku sampai orang sunggup buat begini. Masa tu aku dah yakin, bungkusan itu bukan ditujukan ke rumah, sebaliknya untuk aku. Tapi masakan ada orang yang tahu mana aku pergi dan duduk di mana malam tu. Dan kenapa dia sanggup buat perkara seperti itu.

Apalah salah aku sampai sanggup orang buat camtu. Kalau lah aku jahat sekali dan mengacau orang pun, takkan lah sampai nak main sihir-sihir macam ni. Dan kenapa dengan kawan aku sekali nak dikacaunya.

"Takpe, nanti aku tanya sapa-sapa yang mahir pasal ni. Ko jangan risau" kata zubir pada aku. Dia nampak kerisauan di mata ku.

Aku cuba yakin dengan kata-kata zubir, tapi hati aku begitu risau, sebab dari pembacaan dan cerita yang aku dengar perbuatan sihir ini amat menakutkan kesannya. Lagi-lagi pada orang macam aku yang tidak pandai melawan dan ilmu agama pun cetak. Yang aku mampu lakukan meminta pertolongan dari tuhan supaya dijauhkan dari segala malapetaka.

bungkusan yang diletakkan di depan rumah

Esoknya, aku berjumpa dengan Zubir semula. Aku tanyakan pada dia samada dia dah tahu apa kah bungkusan tu. Bungkusan itu sama seperti yang di atas tu. Infact itu lah bungkusannya, macam rempah sup bunjut yang diikat tali.

Pastu zubir dengan muka mencebik dia punya cakap....



Ohhhhhhhh, ubat jentik-jentik rupanya.

Kekekeke, sial sangat.

Aku beriya-iya le ingatkan orang nak menyantau ke apa. Rupanya bungkusan itu adalah ubat jentik-jentik yang dibagi pada semua rumah di shah alam ini.

Sapa le punya gila dok bungkus dalam kain camtu, pastu dicampak depan pintu rumah, pastu dengan takde instructionnya, dengan tak tau camana nak mengunakannya dengan takde notis dan sebagainya. Aku mana le tau.

Dah le rupanya macam rempah sup bunjut tu, nasib baik le aku fikir menda tu bahan sihir, kalau orang lain yang tak tahu, ntah-ntah dia ingat itu sup bunjut adabi tu tak ke mampus masuk hospital kalau dah mentedarah menda alah tu.

So moral of the story, jangan dok kalut-kalut. kalau tak tau apa-apa kita jangan kelam kabut dulu, kita tanya le orang dulu na.

Itu lah kisah santau jentik, atau santau jentik-jentik

p/s: bungkusan atas tu aku jumpa dalam kolah mandi rumah aku, mak aku bubuh dalam kolah tu. Ekekekeke, nasib baik aku tak tanya dia, pengsan orang tua tu gelakkan aku nanti.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Invigilation again.

Just a short one. Something i want to share so that i would not forget later.

When i invigilates an exam, other than walking and watching the students work their asses out to answer the question and find any possible ways to copy from their friends, i usually read the question papers, and try to answer some of the questions. Just to see, if there is any mistake, and at the same time to challenge my knowledge on a subject matters that have relation to my expertise.

wahhhhhhhh, expertise katanya.

Expert le jugak sikit-sikit

Anyway, one of the paper i got to invigilate was a macroeconomics paper. I just love macroeconomics when i did my undergrad, because unlike unit based analysis of microeconomics, macro look at the overall pictures of an economic situation and it is very dynamic and confusing since we have so many schools of thought discussing on the same matters, with different explanation but getting the same answers and solution.

So as i was reading, i came across a question which i think is funny.

The question was,

Q. Which of the following is true about the effect of inflation?

And one of the possible answer was,

A. Inflation promotes social harmony by uniting people against the government.

Of course the answer is wrong, but it is true in a way. The lecturer setting the question must be voting for an opposition party or someone very witty.

When we think about it, many government was toppled when a citizen revolution or coup de tart happen when they are not satisfied with the economic condition, especially when the price of goods increases and there are no goods to consume in the market, i.e inflation.

We have so many creative lecturers and students here.

Speaking about creative students, once in my tutorial I asked the students how knowledge management can be used by the government to integrate and streamline their service delivery. So I asked them the relationship of the government and how many type of government we have.

Most students answered 3, but there this one particular student who answered 4!

So I asked him again, how come there are 4, where does the other one come from, and he answered,

“Yes, sir, there are 4, which is The Federal Government, the State Government, the Local Government and last but not least The New Government

Of course he was just joking, but I just love creative students; they make the class livelier.

Another thing I realized is, every time i read the instructions to the students, and before I let them write anything, I would end the instruction with a statement “dengan lafaz Bismillah anda boleh bermula”

I have been doing that since ages, and when I work here, I started to do the same thing. After a few semesters, I realized that most invigilators now, when it is time for them to read the instruction they will end with the same sentence,

“dengan lafaz Bismillah, anda boleh bermula”

I am not saying, I started it, but then again I never heard it said before in the previous exam. So I guess, dan dengan perasannya, said, I did have an effect to some of the colleagues here.


I am so proud of myself.

Hik hik.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Kuala Lumpur - Damai Laut Swiss Garden Resort and Spa Fun Quest.

On the first of November, a few friends and I were supposed to participate in a fun quest challenge cum treasure hunt competition by Katma, or catma or something like that. Basically it’s the Perodua Owner Association or something.

The race started from KL, Pandan Indah right to Damai Spa and Resort Lumut. The overall race took around 8 hours and 400 kilometers in distance to complete. We were given a tulips (a treasure hunt map, treasure hunters will know what tulip is), a list of activities to be done, RM57 for the activities among others.

Those who loves treasure hunting knows that treasure hunter competition or fun quest is the one of the best way to get almost free vacation, where everything else is prepared for you. For example, the fees for each contestant is RM90, and you’ll get shirts, caps and some other saguhati, comfortable hotel accommodations and 3 meals including breakfast lunch and dinner. But most treasure hunter enters a competition not really because of the cheap vacation, but for the thrill and exhilaration of the whole games and journey, but of course with one thing in mind, that is to win the competition.

So my highly competitive friends Kimi, and I, were ready to compete with his two other friends which I will call by their middle name Dumb and Dumber. Only that, dumb did not picked the phone until the night before the competition and said he is not going, and dumber sent an sms 6 hours before the competition that he had a family problem and could not make it.


So, I complacently agreed to go along with kimi. The only problem was, in one of the instruction, clearly stated that we need to go to Batu Caves and take pictures of “Gua”. And I reckoned that they will ask up to climb the Batu Caves. Both myself and Kimi are physically challenge although we are not OKU, because we will die of horrendous death due to lack of oxygen if we were to climb the stair. Because our stomach consume too much oxygen.

So around 2 am in the morning (just to stress the morning part) I went to a friends place and asked them to join us for the race which will be held around another 4 hours. None of them agreed to it, only until I used my ultimatum which is to beg and made up sad stories, how I would do anything for them even it will hurt me and how I will sacrificed anything for their well being.

It works.

Two of them, Naim and Zizi skinny ones agreed to join.

So we get back, had a little nap, and by 6.30 am we were all geared up for the competition. So our journey begins.

First task was to shop till you drop (literally) in Tesco Cheras. We had to buy few things from a list given. Being me, I had to do something funny so I decided to turn myself into a bowling ball and falls like an idiot face front and knocked a few flower vases. Luckily no one saw me falls, except I heard some loud giggling at the back, but I was so busy racing I did not turn to see who was laughing at me.


Second task, as I was expected, we went to Batu Caves and select of members to climb up the stairs and take pictures of himself.

Third task was to go to templer’s park. There we were given the traditional coconut grater and had to grate 100 grams of fresh coconut. That was kacang putih for me.

Then we shoot straight to Teluk intan for the next task, where each team had to eat 2 big bowls of ice kacang. I participated in this quest, because I thought I would be kacang putih too. But I was so wrong, I had a brain freeze and almost end up in a hospital.

Then from teluk intan, we went Swiss Garden Damai Laut Spa and Resort for a golf game (not the entire course, just on the green) and then after golf we went to the resort for the last game which was to put 3 pingpong balls blindfolded into a plastic container.

So each of us took turn to play the games, and it was fun. And I had a lot of great time.

So after the event, we rested for a while, went to the beach, attend the prize giving ceremony and then we went to lumut esplanade to eat Ice Kacang again. The very next day, some of us went to the Katma Annual general Meeting; while those did not attend the meeting plays some more beach activities and telematch.

My team, Kimi, Zizi, Naim and I, did not go to the AGM or join the telematch because we slept right until its time to check out.

So here are some of the pictures of the fun quest.

The Pantai Bharu Team

My team

Everyone was waiting to play golf for the first time in life

Lumut dorkyard

Where is this, forgot already

Tit man. hahahaha

Sila abaikan dagu tersebut.

Mat rempit

lumut esplanade

Lumut esplanade in the afternoon


lumut Jetty


Local government wasting money on cement arch that serve no function.

damai laut

the beach

the bitch

the island
Ohhh, did i forget to mention??
We won.

oh my goodness, that is one bloody fat man there in the picture. i wonder who he is.

tapi third place sahaja. Oke lah, dari tak dapat apa. They had to minus 5 minutes because the second place team have only 3 persons.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Baca, Bacalah ...

I have an hour to blog, before I go into my utterly boring biannually routine, that is to invigilate an examination. Three hours of total silence, plus another hour to set up the room is rather unproductive especially to those who had to endure the pain and agony 5-6 times in a semester, twice yearly, not including the mid term exam.

Accumulated the time spend walking, watching and basically doing nothing is around 40 hours of peace and boredom a year. That is almost 2 days in total.

The best thing is, that is the only time for you to actually look at the faces of your students clearly and see how they look like. You can see the energy, hope and the optimism portrayed in their faces while they attempts to find solution for 4 questions only that will decide their future later, after spending almost half year listening to boring lectures, going for tutorial, reading a whole book and ancillary material, going to the library, doing assignment and tolerating wicked lecturers with very unstable mood.

It is also a time where we gaze with slight satisfaction to those indolent student we detest so much, and see how they strive and sweat so hard to answer the question, while in our mind we keep saying “that is why you should listen to me all these while”. While we sympathized and take oath to serve everyone equally, we are only human. To err is only human. It works both ways. Having said that, never have grudge to any of your disciples and always wish them all the success.

We are too exam oriented some might say, but exam is just obstacle you have to face to remind you of who you are, and what you ought to be doing.

And you ought to be doing it right.

And that is what we call learning.

by the way, i am wearing "protruding tit resistant" shirt today!


Thursday, November 6, 2008

Holy cow!, look at those ...

As a government servant, in every Thursday we are required to wear cloth using the national fabric; the batik. Particularly, we can only wear Malaysian Batik, not the Indonesian one, or Hawaiian Batik, or what ever batik available in the world.

So we either go for the Batik Canting, which can be very expensive sometimes or batik tekap, which is not that expensive but if you wanted to look like you are wearing your mother's kain batik kemban to work, it is really up to you. Feel free to do so.

It so happen yesterday, i was wearing batik and i had to invigilate an exam in a hall which can be mistakenly identified as a refrigerator. It was so bloody cold inside it, i went to the toilet 3-4 times. Well basically i went to the toilet to smoke. Nevertheless..

Anyway, i realised something later what cold weather can have effect to your body system. It gets everything erected. Somehow our body react to the cold temparatures and increases its own termometer. If you know what i mean.


he he he.

that is one bloody fat hand isnt it?

Notice something?

Anyway, that is my Batik shirt. Orange and amber with butterfly motive on the side. I like the overall design, except for the peach coloured arm pieces which somehow does not really goes with the design.

Notice anything just yet?

Let me zoom the picture for our viewing pleasure.


Stop! here if you are under 13


Parental guidance are needed.

That is my bloody tit! protruding under the very thin layer of the clothes. My goodness i have been walking along the examination hall like a pornstar bimbo for 3 hours. I wonder if any students will be having nightmares later after seeing that and had to visit a psychiatrist to minimise their phobia.

So moral of the story is,

please wear t-shirt under your batik cloth if you have sensitive tits that will react with the cold weather.

p/s: No wonder my thursday class students were always happy, chirpy and smiling no matter what my mood was, and no wonder they are not looking at my eyes when i am talking to them because they were looking at something else.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Rasa yang tertinggal

My dear readers, yes the 3 of you. I have an assignment for you.

If you look carefully on the top right handside of this blog is my TV station, which i aptly call, My TV. Ingenious?

Yes, i know.

Now, your task is

1. Listen to both videos
2. Decide which one you like best
3. Tell me which one you like best in the comment area
4. Tell me the reason why you like the one you like.


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I have been tagged, Yeah!!!

Thanks Panzer, i was actually waiting for someone to tag me on this really. I am really happy to answer 90 questions so that 3 people who read this blog will find happiness reading it.

[01] Name: Duan
[02] Nickname: Dzeng /Dzengtoi
[03] Married: Not yet
[04] Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius/ Lembu
[05] Gender: Male
[06] Age: mid-30s this december
[07] High School: SMSSAASSA (try figuring that out)
[08] University: University Malaya
[09] Height: 173cm
[10] Weight: 3 figues
[11] Do you like yourself: Yes
[12] Piercing: No
[13] Right or left: -
[14] Are you a freak: Not sure, but to some i am.
[15] Hair: Black and very little
[16] Skin: Burnt Sienna (matured phyton hik hik)
[17] Allergic: To ugly people with ugly attitude, but think they are cute.
[18] What are you doing now: Answering this form at 3.30 am, because i can't sleep so might as well waste time writing this.
[19] What will you do 1 hour later: masturbating (hik, acah je)
[20] What will you do 10 years later: Answering the 73rd question of this tag, or probably dead (god forbid).

[21] Live with mother/father/parents: Mother
[22] Siblings(included you): 8
[23] Eldest: Sister
[24] Youngest: Sister
[25] Love/hate your family: They will be the one to bury me if i am dead, so i need them no matter what.

[26] You found your another half: not sure
[27] If yes, who is he/she: someone else's.
[28] If no, who you want he/she to be: a bloody rich cosmetic/plastic surgeon
[29] Time(s) you in relationship: 4
[30] Ever woo boy/girl(0-100000): nope, they woo me (hahaha, but it is true!!!)
[31] Anyone woo you before(0-100000): A lot (this is true too)
[32] Did anything wrong to your other half: Yup.
[33] What was/were the wrong you had done: We met
[34] Ever argue with your other half: constantly and consistently, because i read somewhere that we must always argue to ignite the spark of l'amour or the flame will die (or was it, communicate? But, arguing is a form or communication too)
[35] You with your other half since: the day we met
[36] Are you straight/Lesbo: I am a proud lesbian.
[37] Reasons you love your other half: Do we need reason to love our other half, if we did not, why do we call it the other half? I cannot possibly love someone's other half.
[38] You and your other half in which stage: The stage where if we were to strangling each others neck can possibly be the next stage.
[39] You woo-ed her/him or he/she woo you: look at the answer on question 30 and 31
[40] Ever think of marry he/she: Not sure

[41] Your first best friend: Nayanaramurthy (he is my nanny's son, yes i was raised by an Indian Lady and i can speak a little bit tamil)
[42] Your first enemy: myself
[43] The friends you love the most: Who tell me the truth and do not keep secret just because he/she wants me to be happy.
[44] The enemy you hate the most(1only): This one particular ugly person who think he is cute, but he is actually not, and in fact he is actually fugly (for those who do not know, fugly means fucking ugly)
[45] Your most beautiful girl friend: I cannot answer this, because later i have to answer many questions from unsatisfied beautiful lady friends.
[46] Your most handsome guy friend: Richard Gere
[47] The kind of girl you hate the most: Stupid one
[48] The kind of boy you hate the most: an ugly faggot
[49] You fall in love with your close friend before: Never. A word of advice, never ever fall in love with your friend.
[50] Your best friend is your ex-lover : Actually yes
[51] If your friend backstab you: I manipulate his/her other friends to backstab him in return
[52] If your friend betray you: I will just walk away
[53] If your friend woo your lover: I will make him feel sorry he did that!
[54] If your friend fall in love with you: I will laugh i think and say, stop making stupid joke
[55] If you fall in love with your best friend: Eeuwwwww NO!!

[56] Are you a good student: Nope
[57] You always do your homeworks/assignments: Nope, unless the lecturers specifically said, there will be marks allocated. That is why i never do my homework in school, but i come early to copy them.
[58] The teacher/tutor you love the most: Cikgu Aini, my primary 3 teacher, because she is an angel sent by god.
[59] Always late to school/college: Nope. School : i need to copy homework / College: I need to sit infront because i can see clearly without glasses and you dont wear glasses it is just not cool, and you can afford contact lenses at that time. Somemore i am more of a visual learner, so i need to see my teacher
[60] Your class: i dont understand the question.
[61] You love your seniors: Nope.
[62] Senior who you love the most: none
[63] Your classmates good/bad: both
[64] Excellent result classmate: Don't know any
[65] Laziest classmate: Forgotten his name, but he is as lazy as an ass.
[66] Smart people: Roza Hazli, the only malay who got first class honour in the faculty when we graduated. I used to teach her economics, so i guess i am as smart as she is.
[67] Stupid people: People who do not know they are stupid, unconscious incompetence, but think they are smart, we call them bodoh sombong.
[68] Good looking people: Who smiles a lot
[69] Ugly people: Those who either pick their nose in public, or spit in public especially around area of a restaurant, No matter how beautiful he/she might be, they are the most ugly at that time.
[70] Funny people: Who do not laugh first before everyone else, after telling a joke.
[71] Cute people: those with nice smiles and squint their eyes when smiling.
[72] Bad people: Talk behind someone's back
[73] Honest people: transparent, right on your face straight forward the moment he knows anything.
[74] Acting people: a sore loser posers
[75] You are what kind of people: Definitely not ugly people like in no 69.

[76] Lip or eyes: Lip
[77] Hugs or kisses: Hugs
[78] Shorter or taller: Doesn't matter
[79] Hesitant or spontaneous: Spontaneous
[80] Nice stomach or nice arms: Stomach
[81] Listener or talker: talker
[82] Romantic or rich: if possible both
[83] Good husband or Good Father: Good father

[84] Age to get married: Supposedly i planned to get married at the age of 26, but that was like 9 years ago, and i am still not married now.
[85] Numbers of kid(s): 4
[86] Career: easy laid back no hassle, and streneous job, where i dont have to make any sudden decision making where my decision will decide the future of my career. I just hate that.
[87] Salary: Enough to buy what we need in a month and have some for saving.
[88] Retirement age: 5 8 (government servant ma)
[89] Properties value: dont have any properties that have value yet, but if i owned one in the future hopefully i can bequest it to my siblings. Than only it has value to me.
[90] Wishes: Nothing that i could not attain myself, not to dissapoint myself in the future. But, if can, i would like to shoot someone right on the head and miss by a few cm and watch him wiggle and die slowly of brain injury. Better if he actually survive but don't remember anything accept the part where i shot him, of course he is already a loco at that time.

22 minutes. That is not that hard.

I am tagging Raja Putra Kamaruddin and Abdul Razak Baginda

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Visit Malaysia Months.

October was a visit Malaysia Month for me. Early this year i went to Sarawak, and in October alone i went Kelantan, Perak, and Pulau Pinang.

I write about it later, but as a preview these are some of the pictures taken during the so called vacation.

On the way to penang, in a brand new Nautica, using the highway, with the help of a GPS navigator. As if the signboard were not enough.

Damai Laut Beach, which is not really a beach actually.

Open house
Reaching the end of Syawal, my friend, Zubir and i, decided to have some sort of very small gathering cum open house to celebrate Hari Raya do. We wanted to have a small makan-makan session with very close knitted friends, thus we could not afford to invite so many people since the house is too small and considering the too short of a notice, we were afraid that some friends would be taken aback and thought that we invited them last minute, so we agreed to do it small with around 20 people or so.

Little did we know that our close, very near friends are actually a lot, and due to a slight misscommunication both Zubir and I invited 20 people each. And friends being friends, brought along their friends too.

So the small gathering somehow did not look small afterall. But i was so happy, because somehow the gathering becomes merrier and more interesting and everyone had fun. I was happy because all my closes friends came, and accepted the invitation. Well maybe accept 2-3 who took very lightly my invitation. (*sedih)

Our main concern was about the food. Whether it is enough or not, will everyone gets to eat or not. However it did not become too much of a problem since i have wrongly budgeted the menu and we have too much food to spare. And the best thing is due to the miss budgeting of the menu, it actually served everyone well, and nobody is complaining.

Infact, i got a praise. Erin said, i am such a good host. Just because i kept on pouring soda syrup in his glass.

Then again, when you go to a open house, you don't really want to eat, but prefer to be close to friends and gossip around.

With the help of a professional chef, Ijat, who happens to be actually the guest, who happens to be early, and who happens to be free, and who happens to be more willing to help, zubir and i did not do alot because, it so happen that he was the one doing everything i.e the cooking, the table setting, deejaying and minggling with the guest. Everyone must have Ijat at their party, i tell you. A life saver.

I was late, because i have meetings until 3 pm. I cannot go out shopping, and Zubir can only start going out shopping for stuff after 3 pm, since it is a friday. So you dont want to be caught buying chicken in Tesco while everyone else are busy Friday Praying, isnt it.

So we end up shopping around 4 pm, and guess what? The function was set at 8.30 pm. So we have exectly 4 hours to cook for 50 persons. Actually less than that, because we only finished shopping around 5pm.
But, i am not that worried because, we are all professional. Zubir and Ijat are professional cook, and i am a professional emmmm, food tester.
So i am important too.

And mind you, the menu was very extensive. Well, its hari raya, for once you must have lemang and nasik impit isnt it. And since the budget was very tight, you cannot afford to cater, and also since it is hari raya open house, you cannot possibly cook meehoon goreng and the ever popular speghetti bolognese.

Zubir and i are confident that WE, with a very tight budget and time, with miss calculating the invited guest, will be able to cook something very simple comprising of:

nasik minyak,
kurma daging,
ayam masak merah,
acar timun,
Nasik impit, and

Somehow, on the day itself, and 4 hours before the function, it does not look to simple after all. But we managed, of course with the help of Ijat as our chief cook and Faie as our driver, haha.

So here are some of the pictures of the Raya Open House.

I have premarinated and fried the chicken before hand. And the chicken and beef were bought in the morning, so it somehow help minimising cooking time. A word of advice, do not wait last minute to buy the ingredients of your food if you want to cooked for 50 people.

The lemang in the picture was so lousy and i really hate the taste. I bought it in Shah Alam. Its a orang malas lemang, where they precooked the glutinous rice and shoved it inside the bamboo. Its tasteless and as you can see, i can only use half of it, while the rest clinged to the bamboo and ended up looking like vomit.
Preparing the condiment.
waiting and waiting in desperation, hopping that the meat in the kurma will eventually become tender, so the guest wont eat rubber slipper instead.
That is Ijat in black and Zubir preparing the menu, whilst i busy taking picture and look busy.
Thats Zubir in the checkered Baju Melayu looking tired, and Ijat in Black Deejaying. He is so multi talented. See all the guest are happy, because they are all smilling (Edi, Raz and Wanie)

I really hate taking pictures around skinny people, i look Fat. I am not Fat really, it is just the effect of the camera. That double chin is also the effect of the camera. I need to buy new camera (Za, Ekin, Acap, Wawan, Fie, Hatta and me)
Yeah right!!

Erin, Wan and Rosdin

My beautiful table setting. Isnt it beautiful. Green and Brown. For more rustic look, the satay was served in a basket.

Nasik Minyak and Jelatah/ acar rampai

Kurma Daging and Ayam masak merah

Chicken Pie and Cake gula hangus, which does not look like chicken pie and cake gula hangus in this picture (sponsored by Ijat)

Lemang, Nasik Impit and Satay. (To safe time, beg on your knees the Satay Hawker for extra Kuah and Extra Nasik impit, cut it nicely put it in a bowl and make people to believe you cook it yourself.

Sorry the picture quality are Hauk because my camera would not zoom correctly at the time of event. There are many more, which can be used at all.

So that was our open house, and i would like to thank everyone who came.

You know who you are.