Monday, February 7, 2011


I am back. Been thinking hard, and i have made a decision to post again in this blog instead of the other one that limit the stories i need to share.

Why? Because i want to use this blog as an inspiration and also as a motivation for me to do my work well.

How? i really have no ideas, but basically i will just write whatever i do pertaining to what i need to do, and hopefully i can monitor the trend chart.

what? the work i need to do is rather life and death, at least to me. I need to have at least 3 papers this year, and i need to complete at least one by june. I have exactly five months to complete a single paper.

Having this blog will, firstly as a journal that tells my progress and secondly as a rough paper so that whenever i have any ideas i would just write something in it, using my blackberry so that i would not forget about it. Thirdly, to satisfy my needs to write without making me suffocated with the limitation i have created in the other blog.

oke. here for the best. cherios

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