Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Perlis Indera ka....

A month ago, I was in Perlis. 

Emm, for the first time. 

It took me around 9 hours to get there, and 10 minutes to visit the whole state, which is as large as Bangsar shopping complex. Well, that would be too much of an exaggeration isn’t it. 

Oke Two Bangsar Shopping complexes!

Literally, if you move very fast from one end to another, you would not finish saying Perlis Indera Kayangan, you would probably stop at kaya.

But yes, It took us 8 hours to go there, after we missed a turn in Bidor, (then we missed a few other turns as well, let say around 6 turns and, the distance between the turn I should make, and the turn I actually made was around, let say 150 KM. 

Hik, on the way to Perlis, I am supposed to pick up a friend in Lumut, but I was too busy looking for the signage to lumut, I forgot there isn’t any. So instead of taking the Bidor Intersection, we went all the way up to Taiping, and then make a turn to Lumut. 

So that explains the extra 4 hours.  

It was a fucking waste of time and money, but at least I know places now. Places I never know existed such as Changkat Jering, Terong and whatnot. 

But, I was in Perlis, for the very first time. I meet Abun there. 

Thank god I did not drive, and thank god the driver did not know that we were supposed to turn in Bidor to get to Lumut. 

All he said was “rasanya dulu gih lumut 3 jam dah sampai, ni kenapa tak sampai-sampai lagi ek”  


I was there for a Misi Akademik. Misi Akademik is just one way to send lecturers for free vacation, all expenses paid and got paid extra allowance for it just to meet some SPM leavers and tell them why they should apply our university and not somewhere else.

Of course we don't lie, but we exaggerate every facts. 

If you learn marketing, you would understand. 

Anyway, Adi and Rosdin, my colleague was there too, but they took the plane, instead. I wanted to drive (which I regret the whole journey right after we reached Alor Star, and all the way back to Shah Alam) 

Perlis is so colourful. Everything is very colourful there. When you were in the town, you feel like you are in a very enormous open air kindergarten. 

The people, the food, the culture, I mean everything, including the building.  

colourful road

colourful building

colourful people, colourful culture 

I met Sweet Abun there.He works in the immigration department there. So he took Rosdin and Adi to Hatyai, while I have to stay in the Hotel because the driver complaint that he was tired. So I cannot possibly leave him in the hotel alone. 

It is so unfair, how come he can be sicked and tired at that moment, when he only droves from KL to  Taiping to Lumut to Kangar to Penang to Kangar to  Alor Star to kangar and back to lumut to Shah Alam. 

Huh... some people are so ungrateful.


I love the food in Perlis, everything taste so delicious. Probably because the Siamese influence in cooking to the local food accentuate the taste of food there. Every restaurant that sells lunch we went to, prepared an excellent arrays of food.

For a great lunch, I recommend this café under a very tiny hotel which I’ve forgotten the name of the hotel. But the hotel and the restaurant are situated just on the left side of the Sri Garden Hotel. 

Oke that is my Perlis story.

p/s: i give myself 10 days, and after that i would most probably just go gaga. 


~sYam'Z UnliMitEd~® said...

[quote] It is so unfair, how come he can be sicked and tired at that moment, when he only droves from KL to Taiping to Lumut to Kangar to Penang to Kangar to Alor Star to kangar and back to lumut to Shah Alam.

Huh... some people are so ungrateful. [/quote]

aiyooo... Dia tak drive, xletih laaaaaaaa.........hahahahaha...

Hardchub said...

yeahhhhhhh...the last we went there was the year 2005 kot...remember the flood and my almost floating car.. rasa mcm james bond sgt...tapi gigil gak lutut hehe..what a memorable journey.........

budleee said...


sy belajar sana 3 thn...

such a contrast between rural Kangar Perlis and hectin Kajang Selangor..

kalau naik train, you can see how the scenary changes from gray concrete building to golden paddy fields

dari kesegaran udara kampung ke udara tercemar di KL kalau naik bas

i actually got excited by the polluted air bila dapat balik cuti sem.. hehe

imahTHESTAR said...

they took a flight,but I just drive katanya...

Hello Dean?

Boune said...

hehhe... nanti datang lagik tau! kita pi hadyai! huhuhuh..

Sankai said...

perkhhh.. what an adventure. ahhaha.. 8 hours in the car.. aiyo...

hmm.. missing my hometown already... especially the foods....

singgahkejap said...

uwaaaaa perlis dalam ingatanku...^_^